I bake, you taste, tell us how delicious it is!


Meet Wansa, the family baker, originally from Shingal, Iraq. For over six thousand years, her family tradition is to greet the sun each morning, in the tradition of Yezidis from Mt. Shingal in northern Iraq. Several days a week she rises at 4 am to greet her tanoor oven and bake fresh delicious naan for local farmers' markets . She came to Tucson in 2015 with her family. Baking has been her lifelong passion, and has helped her survive a war in 2015 which displaced tens of thousands of Yezidis from Sinjar, and start a new life with her husband and five of her children in Tucson. They are the only Yezidi family living in Tucson. Together, they are serving the Tucson community by sharing the naan tradition of their village.


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